What is a Visual Health Check?

Visual Health Checks (VHCs) are the best way of ensuring that, when a vehicle comes to your service centre for servicing or repair, it doesn’t leave with any unidentified faults or issues. A VHC provides the opportunity for your mechanics to step through a quick, thorough, structured visual check of all aspects of the health of the vehicle they’re working on, from paintwork to points, and everything in-between.

Always carrying out your Visual Health Checks against a standardised VHC structure provides uniform quality control, means that you can be sure your checks are consistent, and guarantees that you are discharging your duty of care to your customers. If issues identified during the Visual Health Check are deemed a potential risk to the safety of passengers, or the ongoing condition of the vehicle, they are presented to the customer on the day. Otherwise, if issues don’t require immediate attention (brake pads 60% worn for instance), or are of a more cosmetic nature, they are automatically diarised to be followed–up when due.

Why carry out Visual Health Checks?

Visual Health Checks constitute a critical part of your duty of care to your customers, and should be routinely carried out on each and every vehicle you see. Autoconnect’s industry leading Electronic Visual Health Check (EVHC) solution empowers you to simply and effectively discharge that duty of care, and breeds brand loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to providing a consistent, comprehensive, high quality service. This greatly improves customer satisfaction, engagement and retention, while also providing clear visibility of sales outcomes. As a result, as either a dealership or OEM, you will naturally, ethically increase your after-sales service and parts revenue.

Overall then, EVHC is a suite of tools and processes that ensure that vehicles returning to your centre for service or repair remain in the best, safest condition possible, safeguarding your customers’ well-being, maximising their vehicle resale value and making sure that you don’t needlessly miss out on genuine service revenue opportunities.

Key benefits of using Autoconnect’s EVHC system to manage your Visual Health Checks include:

In the UK, Autoconnect was instrumental in bringing the concept of Visual Health Checks to the market in the ‘90s. These were paper- based checks, and things have certainly come a long way since then. Autoconnect’s extensive experience has helped us to create an industry-leading Electronic Visual Health Check, which walks your technicians through the Visual Health check process in a clear, concise, easy to follow manner, on an Android or Apple phone or tablet. And the best part? It only takes an average of eight minutes to complete each check.

  • Apple and Android compatible.
  • Use on a phone, tablet or even an iPod.
  • Each Visual Health Check takes an average of only eight minutes to complete.

EVHC’s simple, clear, intuitive interface makes it a breeze for everyone to use. Your mechanics will find the app’s interface familiar and easy to follow and use. Service Advisors and Parts Managers are notified via email when a technician completes a Visual Health Check using EVHC, and can then enter parts and labour pricing, straight in the browser, prior to getting back to the customer to advise them of any items that require attention. Service Managers, Dealer Principals and General Managers benefit from coherent, easily understood reporting on how well the system is working within the business. Developed and refined by one of the most experienced players in the Visual Health Check marketplace, EVHC is the simplest solution for Electronic Visual Health Checks available today.

  • Great mobile interface.
  • Intuitive, easy to use parts and pricing functionality.
  • Concise, coherent reporting.

EVHC just works! In Australia EVHC leads to an average of $115 additional SOLD work per Visual Health Check. And that’s not counting deferred work that is added to EVHC’s calendar to be followed up on when it becomes due. This is all genuine work that needs to be carried out but that, without EVHC, may never have been identified. Using EVHC’s structured, repeatable processes in your workshop greatly reduces the risk of a vehicle leaving in an unsafe condition, helping you to discharge your duty of care while at the same time ethically increasing your after-sales service revenue.

  • Ethically increase revenue from after-sales servicing and repair.
  • Fully discharge your duty of care to your customers.
  • Reminders to follow up deferred work items.

We all know that technology should just work, but how often does it? Autoconnect’s EVHC solution is hosted in the cloud, meaning that you don’t have to worry about expensive, difficult to maintain infrastructure. The Australian cloud hosting provider chosen by Autoconnect to host EVHC guarantees a minimum 99.995% up-time for their service provision, as well as carrying out daily backups and providing robust disaster recovery options. Let Autoconnect take away the pain of managing your Visual Health Checks, with EVHC.

  • Pain-free infrastructure management.
  • Minimum 99.995% availability.
  • Easy, regular software updates.

Autoconnect’s EVHC will run happily alongside a wide variety of Dealer Management Systems (DMS). While others lock you into a single, complex solution we offer all the flexibility and ease of use you need and expect. It’s simplicity itself to set up automatic imports from your DMS to EVHC, ensuring that the day’s jobs are all available in EVHC each and every morning. This streamlined approach frees you from the constraint of having to choose an inferior solution just because it’s bundled with your DMS, and enables us to focus our efforts on providing the best Visual Health Check software available.

  • You’re free to choose the best Visual Health Check solution on the market.
  • Automatic import of the day’s jobs.
  • Quick, simple, effective Visual Health Checks.

Autoconnect UK were early pioneers of the Visual Health Check concept in the early ’90s, and went on to become one of the UK’s leading aftermarket solutions providers, working closely with brands that include Mazda and Honda across the UK and Europe. While there is no denying the advantages we enjoy from that UK heritage, there is also no denying that having a local partner is of great value to you. We are intimately familiar with the demands of the Australian automotive market, and continue to tailor our solution to those requirements. We are able to offer timely support across the country, we’re always open to discussing features and updates that would benefit your business and better fit with your processes, and we’re agile enough to actually act on those requests!

  • Benefit from two decade’s industry experience.
  • Friendly, experienced, dedicated, local support team.
  • Innovative, agile, responsive.

Who benefits from the use of EVHC?

      • Vehicle owners, by helping to ensure that your vehicle is maintained in the best condition possible, improving safety and increasing resale value. EVHC’s iconic, easy to understand customer reports show you exactly what has been checked, and any issues that were identified.
      • Vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from increased brand loyalty due to the implementation of consistent, customer-focused operating standards across service sites, and subsequent incremental parts sales.
      • As a dealership your customers can see that you’ve gone that extra mile, and that you’ve fully discharged your duty of care. At the same time you are able to engage more regularly (and relevantly!) with them, improving customer loyalty and retention, all while ethically increasing your after-sales service revenue.

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