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EVHC Product Overview

EVHC will help you to ethically increase your aftersales service revenue, simultaneously improving customer satisfaction, engagement and retention, while also providing clear visibility of sales outcomes. This tried and tested Health Check Management Solution is specifically designed for the aftersales division of automotive dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers. By putting in place structured, consistent, repeatable processes, along with the tools to support and measure them, it ensures that work items requiring immediate attention, and those that will need to be addressed in the future (amber, or deferred items), are accurately captured and recorded while the vehicle is still in your workshop, rather than being missed or forgotten, as so often happens.

Our expereince in the Australian marketplace shows that on average, dealerships that have implemented EVHC show an additional $115 SOLD work per Visual Health Check undertaken.

EVHC: Quick. Simple. Effective.

So, what’s the EVHC experience like for your Mechanics?

EVHC is specifically designed to be quick and easy to use across a range of mobile devices, including Apple and Android, phones, tablets, and even iPods! Mechanics have a shortcut on their home-screen which fills in their user details, and then all they need to do is enter their PIN for security. Once they’re logged in, they are stepped through the Visual Health Check, indicating any problem areas, as well as the severity and cause of the issue. Each Visual Health Check can be completed in only eight minutes.

And what about your Service Advisors and Parts Advisors?

At the start of each day your Service Advisor (or Service Manager) can log in to the EVHC system and find a list of jobs for the day already imported from your DMS. These they can can easily assign to a mechanic, selected from a drop-down list. From EVHC’s diary they will also see a list of deferred work items that are now due and ready to be followed up, to see if your customer would like to go ahead with the work. This of course is a great way to build and maintain customer engagement, and bring in additional, ethical revenue for your service department.

Once your mechanic completes and signs off a Visual Health Check on their mobile device, your Service Advisor receives an automatic email notification to let them know that the job is complete. They can then quickly and easily price up red and amber items, and call your customer to talk through what has been found.

Your customer gets a clear picture of what work is required now, and what’s likely to be needed in the coming months. Your Service Advisor can select outcomes for all of the work items discussed. Sold work can be undertaken there and then. Deferred work is entered into the EVHC diary, with a due date for reminders. Both customer and Service Advisor receive automatic notifications when that work becomes due. For any items not sold on the day, the Service Advisor can indicate why, which provides valuable business intelligence and enables you to identify and fix any process related issues.

When your customer arrives to pick up their vehicle you can present them with a beautifully formatted report which shows all of the immediate and deferred work items found, each categorised with easily recognisable icons for the categories that the immediate and deferred work falls under. The reports can also be configured to show all of the green items that were found, so demonstrating that providing a superior standard of service is your top priority.

Clear, concise reporting for Service Managers, Dealer Principals and General Managers.

Whether you’re an individual dealership, dealership group or OEM, clear, concise reporting is a vital part of the EVHC process. Access to easily interpreted, unambiguous reports are essential to help you understand how well your organisation is implementing the EVHC process, and to see how effectively that process is working for your business. EVHC’s reports provide the ability to filter on a wide variety of criteria, including date range, work type, category, dealer, region and many more. The reports are available to you on-screen or exported to Excel, and include:

  • Use the Summary Report to provide a top level analysis of historical usage and upcoming deferred work.
  • The Lost Work Reportprovides a clear view as to what categories of work are lost more often, and why, allowing you to identify any operation issues and implement operational efficiencies.
  • The Forecast Report gives a clear view of the number and value of deferred work jobs diarised for the coming months.
  • The Diary Report on the other hand lets you see exactly what proportion of diarised work is followed up on, whether the follow-up has occurred in a timely manner, and what the outcomes were.
  • A core strength of EVHC’s reporting suite are the KPI Reports. These are available in spreadsheet or graph formats, and cover:
    • Inputs: How well are we using the EVHC System?
    • Found: What is the value of work found?
    • Sold: How much found work are we converting to sales on the day?
    • Lost: Of what we found, how much did we lose on the day?
    • Lost: Why are we losing work that we have found?
    • Deferred: What is the value of the deferred work that we found?
    • Deferred: What is the forecast of deferred work?
    • Diary: How well are we selling work?
    • Diary: What are the reasons why we are losing work?

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