The Autoconnect Office

What do Autoconnect do?

At heart we’re a software solutions company delivering business improvement products into the automotive industry. We’ve always operated in the automotive space, and in fact started way back in the 1990’s over in the UK, before coming to Australia in 2011.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the pioneers of the Visual Health Check process, and have worked tirelessly to take what was once a paper-driven process to a revolutionary new solution, that we’ve called the Electronic Visual Health Check (or EVHC).

Who is Autoconnect

Autoconnect’s mission is to be the leader in delivering innovative, high quality software solutions and services into the Automotive Industry.
Our ethos is that a company is nothing without it’s people, but with the right people it can be everything!
Our company operates ethically, innovates regularly, ‘measures twice and cuts once’ so that our customers are always guaranteed the best possible products and service.

Our skill sets

Business process improvement 90
Solution analysis & development 95
Training & consultancy 85

Meet Our Team

Matt Woodward
Matt WoodwardManaging Director
Matt has a strong background in software development with cross-industry commercial experience (including finance, legal and technology). He loves innovation, creativity and good humour!
Paul Clarke
Paul ClarkeCompany Founder
Paul has a wealth of experience from operating within the automotive industry over the years and has developed some of the most unique and innovative products on the market today. He is MD of Autoconnect UK and also heads up the Truckfile solution in Europe.